Saturday, June 16, 2012

Monkey Majik - Everything is going to be alright (Lyrics)


Summertime is here to stay.
Don't you wish that you could get away.
A camp out fire, and open car.
If only we could live this kind of life forever.

Some people smile, and some of us cry.
But it don't matter 'cause I'll be there.
To pick you up, and we'll fly together.

And maybe I'm wrong, and maybe your right.
Baby we don't have to go and get into a fight.
Beware, we'll sit around and talk together.

Monkey Majik - Wonderland (Lyrics)


Tell me you love me baby.
I've got this world to show you.
You can leave everything you got behind.
We don't need a plane to get there.
Cause I got this glow inside me.
But its only shining when you're around.

All that you want is waiting
I know which path to get there
Follow white rabbit and unlock the door.
You won't be without me baby
'Cause I've got this flow about me.
But I'm only gliding when you're around.

Monkey Majik - Ashiato 足跡 (Lyrics)


Donna ni kurushii kaze ga fukou to
I remember
Nothing is going to stop me
No never stop me

It’s hard to climb the wall
You look down and you’ll see you’ve got nothing to fear at all
Take the time to breathe
‘Cause the more you shake, you hesitate,
you gotta put yourself at ease
I’ve always weighed myself down way too long
I should’ve opened up when I was wrong
Your time is here, I’ll take that chance, no looking back
You push, and push so hard
So hard that I won’t fall

Monkey Majik - Headlight (Lyrics)


Souka, useru sorry
No luck, tochuu de empty
Ima mo never thought you'd bring me down
More wine dare no mane
So wise koko ni tatte
Kore kara dou naru change my life

It's never gonna bring me down
No, never gonna bring me down
Nobotte shizumu hi ga waratteta
(Hey, hey, no)
It's never gonna bring me down
No, never gonna bring me down
I got up and I changed my life